Wrought Brass Traditional 3-Hole Rose, 2 1/4" dia.


Diameter: 2 ¼”
Hub: ⅝” Diameter (Type-A)

Sold Each
Item Number: 28I

Our best selling wrought brass rose!

Traditional, wrought brass, 3-hole rose. A reproduction of the iconic, 3-hole rose found on countless early 20th Century homes and buildings. A perfect companion for a wide variety of door knobs, especially our plain, wrought brass 13A knob and our selection of glass door knobs. They look so good together, we offer them as a complete sets on our web store; item 915A for the wrought brass door knob, and items 915B (Octagonal), 915C (Round), and 915D (Fluted) for the three glass door knobs.

The rose is a fantastic value that makes solid brass, good quality, finished door hardware affordable on any budget.
$3.99 to $5.49
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