Heavy Duty Passage Tubular Latch, 2 3/8" B.S.


Backset: 2 ⅜"*
Cross Bore Diameter: 1"
Overall Length: 3 ½"
Faceplate: 2 ¼" x 1"

1 each: Tubular Latch
1 each: Armored Front
1 each: Solid Brass Face Plate
1 each: Solid Brass T-Strike
1 each: Dust Box
1 set: Mounting Screws

Sold Each

*Alternate backset latches are available on request. Please contact us for details.
Item Number: 32I

Our premium grade, top quality, heavy duty tubular latch. This latch is an engineering marvel, designed to last a lifetime on your home. We hand picked this latch to go with our own line of hardware, including our top-of-the-line "Signature Series" hardware, as we believe it is without peer in the industry.

  • A truly universal hub. It will accommodate a standard 5/16" (7.3 mm) spindle broached on the diamond as well as the popular European 8 mm spindle broached on the square. We also include a 7 mm hub adaptor for this latch when needed allowing operation with 7 mm spindles broached on the square, like our popular 13A wrought brass knob and 241K octagonal glass knob.
  • Easily reversible in the field. Simply rotate the latch tongue and removable faceplate without having to uninstall the door hardware.
  • Spilt-hub construction allows the latch bolt to be retracted in both clockwise and counterclockwise rotations on either side. It may not seem like a big deal, but this allows you to turn your knob away from the door frame on either side of the door, saving your knuckles in the process!
  • Adjustable armor front that accommodates both straight and beveled doors.
  • A nylon insert is installed over the investment cast stainless steel latch bolt ensuring a quiet, long lasting, smooth operation. Imagine being able to close the door after putting the baby to sleep and not waking the little one!
  • Includes a solid, forged brass T-strike and dust box standard.

The latch is the engine of your door. It makes no sense to put quality hardware on a cheap latch. It would be like putting a lawnmower engine in a Ferrari. You will feel the difference immediately when you turn your knob or lever and when you open and close the door. Many competitors compete on price by including very cheap latches. We refuse to do that, as we believe the latch mechanism is a vital part of quality hardware. You can get cheaper latches to be sure, but you will not find a better latch at a better price!
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