Classic Through-the-Wall Mail Slot Inside Grill


Overall: 8 ¾” x 5 ¾”
Inside Frame: 7 ⅝” x 4 ⅞"

Sold Each

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware.
Item Number: 65C

A solid, cast brass reproduction of the classic through-the-wall mail grill. This reproduction is a heavy cast brass, just like the originals, and features a beautiful, open-work grill.

Found commonly in early 20th century homes, especially American Bungalows, this type of grill was mounted near the floor, on the wall, next to the front door, rather than on the door itself. Mail would drop through the exterior mail slot (our items 65A and 65B) opening, down the wall, to a receptacle area that was covered by this grill. There were several advantages to this method.

  • Mail is not dumped in your foyer to be stepped on as you enter your home, or torn up by your beloved Fido.
  • Entry doors with glass or design work often didn’t easily accommodate a mail slot, which forces the use of an external box which offers less security for your mail and greater susceptibility to identity theft. Wall mounted slots leave your door intact and your mail in your home.
  • The grill inside the home allowed you to see at a glance if you had mail, without the need to go outside and check the box or pick it up scattered on your floor.
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