Three Way Push Button Dimmer Switch, 300 Watts


Three Pole (3-Way)
300 Watts - 120 Volt
U.L. Listed

Sold Each

IMPORTANT NOTE: Do not use on fluorescent fixtures or fans.

PLEASE NOTE: Dimmers cannot be installed side by side in a switch box without being trimmed or de-rated for wattage. If you plan on installing 2 or more dimmers side by side then please use one of our trimmed dimmers. Note that because of the trimming and heat dissipation of ganging multiple dimmer switches, there is a reduction in the wattage that the switch can handle. The 300 watt dimmers will safely handle 200 watts and the 600 watt dimmers will handle 400 watts once trimmed.

Dimmers that will be ganged next to regular non-dimming switches do not require trimming.
Item Number: S93DM

Few things add an authentic, historic look to a home's interior like genuine push button light switches. Push button switches were used in a majority of American homes in the first half of the 20th century, and we've duplicated them right down to the synthetic mother of pearl inlay.

Our three pole (3-way) dimmer switch is a U.L. listed incandescent light dimmer for permanent fixtures. It provides the modern convenience of a dimmer switch in the classic styling of a push button switch. In fact, when covered with a switch plate, the external parts of the push button dimmer are almost indistinguishable from a standard push button switch. The top button pushes in and serves as an on-off function, while the bottom button rotates to increase or decrease intensity.

Use the three pole (3-way) dimmer for two station operation (such as both entrances to a living room). However, please note the following: when ordering three-way dimmer switches, you MUST have a mechanical 3 way switch (HD3) at one end of the circuit. There can be only one dimmer in a three-way circuit.
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