Traditional, Solid Brass Surface Bolt


Length: 2", 4", 6", 8"
Bolt Width: ⅜”
Guide Width: 1 ¼"

1 each: Surface Bolt
2 each: Bolt Covers
1 each: Universal Strike
1 each: Mortise Strike
1 each: Angle Strike
1 set: Solid Brass Mounting Screws

Sold Each

*Not recommended for use on heavier 1 ¾“ thick or thicker doors. The wrought brass bolt covers are not strong enough to support the additional weight. Please use our 266F instead.
Item Number: 266M

Traditional, solid brass, light duty surface bolt with wrought brass bolt covers. A classic design found in many older homes. The smaller length is perfect for casement windows and cabinets, while the longer ones are ideal for 1 ⅜" thick or hollow core interior doors*. For thicker or heavier doors, of if you simply prefer a thicker bolt, we recommend our best selling 266F.
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