Double Acting Floor Spring Hinge with Solid Brass Covers, Heavy Duty


Length: 9 ¼"
Height: 1 ⅜"
Width: 1"
Total Height (Floor to top of Heel Plate): 3 13/16"

Floor Mounting Plate:
Overall: 2 1/16" x 1 11/16"

Side Plate:
Width: 9 ¾"
Height: 2 ⅝"
Thickness: ⅜"

Detailed dimensions and line drawings available upon request.

1 each: Double Acting Floor Spring Hinge
1 each: Back Plate
1 each: Top Pivot
2 each: Side Plates
1 set: Mounting Screws

Sold Each

If hinge finish is listed as out of stock, it will generally ship within 7-10 days.
Item Number: 261H-HD

Premium grade double acting floor spring hinge with solid brass cover plates. The ideal hinge for two-way swinging doors in your home like those commonly found in your kitchen. This hinge will accommodate doors up to 90 lbs in weight and 1 ⅜" to 1 ¾" thick. The tension is adjustable and the hinge has a hold open feature.
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