Solid, Extruded Brass Door Hinge, 3"


Open Width: 3"
Leaf Height: 3"
Thickness (Gauge): 0.093"

Sold Each (For a pair, order 2 hinges.)

3" x 3" hinges are typically used on windows, large cabinets, or small, light weight doors that are thinner than 1 ⅜". For most doors, we recommend using 3 ½" hinges are larger.
Item Number: 37B-3

Although we still offer our line of 37B hinges, particularly for legacy applications and matching purposes, we now recommend and stock our 37K series of extruded brass butt hinges.

Premium grade, solid, extruded brass door butt hinge. Our 37B line of hinges are square corner, heavy gauge, architectural grade, button tipped door butts, hand polished for superior finish and durability. The hinges are machined to extremely tight tolerances for good fit and function. The button tips are threaded and removable, and may be replaced by a selection of solid brass decorative tips, including ball tips*, which are sold separately.

Our solid brass hinges use a template screw hole pattern for use with wood or metal doors. They are supplied with matching, solid brass, wood Phillips screws. Hinges are fitted with high grade, removable, rust-resistant, stainless steel pin.

*If you’re interested in ball tips, we highly recommend our 37T ball tip hinge, which has the ball tips attached to the pin just like the originals.
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