Signature Series Small "Volcano" Rose with Concealed Screws


Diameter: 2"
Hub: ⅝" Diameter (Type-A)

*Please note: 32U sub-rose is required for mounting the rose to your door.

Sold Each

CNC'd and milled parts are milled on a computer controlled lathe from solid brass bar stock. The pieces have literally been sculpted from solid metal, meaning there is no chance for pits or other defects often found in cast or poured products. They are the highest quality solid brass products you can buy, with impeccable detail and superior finish.

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware.
Item Number: 256Y

Crown City Hardware exclusive, Signature Series, small size "Volcano" rose. This rose was specially engineered for use with our brass sub-rose, 32U*. Together, they allow for a professional, screw-less mount of the rose to the door.

It's an absolutely stunning rose, with a simple, traditional design. CNC'd from solid brass, it features an ingenious screw-less mount which allows the rose to simply thread onto the sub-rose. The result is a very clean installation with no exposed screws.

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