Black Iron Rim Lock & Reproduction Porcelain Knob Set


Vertical Case:
Lock: 3 ¼” wide x 4” tall
Keeper: 13/16” wide x 4” tall

Horizontal Case:
Lock: 4 ⅛" wide x 3” tall
Keeper: ¾” wide x 3” tall

Door Knobs: 2 ¼” diameter
2-Hole Rose: 1 ⅞” diameter
Key Escutcheon: 1 ¾” x 15/16”

1 each: 25D Horizontal or Vertical Cast Iron Rim Lock
1 each: Rim Shank Reproduction Porcelain Knob
1 each: Straight Shank Reproduction Porcelain Knob
1 each: 92J Black, Cast Iron Rose
1 each: 92M Black, Cast Iron Key Escutcheon
2 each: Solid Brass Bit Keys
1 set: Mounting Screws

Sold as Sets. Set is field reversible.
Item Number: 25E

Black, cast iron reproduction rim lock with reproduction porcelain knobs. Featuring a quality, cast iron rim lock with a set of reproduction porcelain mineral knobs in a variety of colors, it’s a complete rim lock set for your doors. The rim lock features both a privacy locking mechanism to lock the knobs as well as a bit key activated bolt for security.

This is one of the most popular sets of hardware we sell. Given the price and quality of the reproduction parts, it's easy to see why!

The reproduction rim locks are good quality. They feature a cast iron housing with solid brass internal parts including the latch, bolt, key, and hub. The locks include 2 solid brass bit keys and a cast iron keeper.

The knobs are a reproduction of the incredibly popular mineral knobs from the Victorian era. They are available in all the popular colors, including the highly coveted Bennington Brown. Antique original Bennington knobs have become exceedingly rare, so it's great news that good quality reproductions are now available.
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