Rectangular Escutcheon Storm Door Latch, Solid Brass


Backset: 1 ¾"
Plates: 1 ½" x 4 ½"
Lever Projection: 1 ⅞"
Strike: 1 ¾" x 1 ¼"
Door Thickness: ⅞" to 1 ⅝"
Latch Bore: ⅝"

2 each: Rectangular Square Bevel Escutcheon Plates
1 each: Door Knob
1 each: Low Profile Screen Door Lever
1 each: Tubular Latch
1 each: Strike
1 set: Solid Brass Mounting Screws

Sold Each

Please Note: The privacy slider knob and the low profile lever may vary in style slightly from version pictured. In order to ensure prompt delivery, we source these sets from multiple suppliers, but the differences are minimal and they are otherwise identical.
Item Number: 59I

A solid brass, premium grade, storm door latch with traditional style, square bevel escutcheon plates. The exterior of the set uses a classic, round door knob, while the interior uses a beautifully designed, low profile lever to allow clearance between the storm door and the entry door. The latch also contains a privacy slider which permits you to lock the storm door for security, while allowing cool breezes to enter your home.

This set is exceptionally easy to install, utilizing a simple tubular latch rather than a more complex mortise lock. It only requires a ⅝" bore in your storm door, along with a 3/8" cross bore for the spindle. With nothing more than a cordless drill and a couple of bits, this set can be installed in minutes.

This handsome set is one of the best values on the market today!
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