Premium Grade, Heavy Duty Surface Bolt with Plain Round Knob


Rod Length: 8", 12", 18", 24", 36"
Rod Diameter: ⅝"
Mounting Brackets/Covers: 1 ⅝" Wide
Throw: Varies by Length

1 each: Forged Brass Bolt
1 each: Angle Strike
1 each: Mortise Strike
1 each Universal Strike

Bolt includes 2-4 Guides/Covers depending on length of bolt.

Sold Each

Please note: photos are not to scale. The photos show the number of guides included with each length bolt, but do not show the length relative to one another.
Item Number: 46A

Premium grade, solid, forged brass heavy duty surface bolt with round knob. An absolutely exceptional piece of hardware, with superior build quality and finish. These bolts provide both security and beauty to inactive or "dummy" doors when installed on pairs of doors. Their simple, traditional styling makes them a great fit for virtually any style of home.
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