Heavy Duty Parliament Hinge, 4"


Open Width: 4"
Leaf Height: 2 ½"
Overall Height with Finial Tips: 3 ⅛"
Barrel Diameter: ½"
Thickness (Gauge): 0.125"

Sold Each (order 2 per pair)

Item Number: 88E

Premium grade, heavy duty parliament hinge. Extruded from solid brass, with thread-in Ball Tips, these hinges are machined to tight tolerances, with superb fit and finish. The hinges include an architectural grade stainless steel removable pin.

Parliament hinges were primarily designed for use on casement windows and doors that swing into the home. The unique "H" design, which is wider than it is tall, allows the window or door to swing completely clear of any decorative trim and lay flat against the wall.

This hinge is a thicker gauge than the original hinges found in many vintage homes, and used in our reproduction 88B series Parliament hinges. As such, it is more appropriate for new installations, where a traditional appearance is desired.
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