Octagonal Clear Glass Door Knob Set


Diameter: 2 ¼”
Shank: ⅝” Diameter (Type-A)

2 each: Glass Door Knobs
2 each: Slotted Brass Set Screws
1 each: ⅜-20 Thread x 7 mm Diameter Spindle

Sold as Pair
Item Number: 241K

A premium grade, reproduction octagonal glass door knob set. The pressed glass knob features a solid, forged brass base. The base of the glass knob has a silver coat to amplify reflected light and highlight the beautiful facets.

The original versions of these glass knobs were ubiquitous on early 20th century American homes. Over the years, many have become damaged and worn loose from their bases. These reproductions make high quality replacements finally affordable.

We recommend pairing the glass knobs, as they were originally, with our 3A square bevel escutcheon or a classic, 3-hole rose like our 28i. They are available as complete sets as well, items 908A and 915B.
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