Egg & Dart Knob & Escutcheon Entry Set


Door Knob:
Diameter: 2 ¼”

Height: 7”
Width: 2 ½”
Hub to Keyhole/Turn Spacing: 2 1/4”
Hub Diameter: ⅝” (Type-A)

2 each: 13H Egg & Dart Forged Brass Door Knobs
1 each: 3H-KC Egg & Dart Key Cylinder Escutcheon
1 each: 3H-KT Egg & Dart Thumb Turn Escutcheon
1 each: Steel Spindle
1 set: Mounting Screws

Please note: required mortise lock not included. To complete your entry, we highly recommend pairing this set with our premium grade 950A entry grade mortise lock.

Sold as Set
Item Number: 910A-ENTR

A premium grade, reproduction "Egg & Dart" door knob and escutcheon entry set. The Egg & Dart knob is not hollow, featuring a solid, forged brass construction. Each pair of door knobs weigh nearly 2 ½ pounds! The detail and finish quality are impeccable. The knob features the iconic Egg & Dart pattern around the rim.

The escutcheon, like the originals it was reproduced from, is wrought brass. This makes for a quality, yet very affordable, escutcheon plate that’s within the range of almost any budget. It too features the Egg and Dart pattern around the edge. Together, the Egg & Dart knob and escutcheon are a perfect pair!

If you’re looking to complete the look throughout your home, we recommend the matching interior set, 910A, which is available in Passage, Privacy, and Bit Key functions.
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