Solid, Forged Brass Square Bevel Knob & Escutcheon Set


Door Knob:
Diameter: 2 ¼”

Height: 8"
Width: 2 ¼”
Knob to Keyhole/Turn Spacing: 2 ¼”
Hub Diameter: ⅝” (Type-A)

2 each: 13M Forged Brass Door Knobs
2 each: 3J Forged Brass Escutcheons
1 each: Steel Spindle
1 set: Mounting Screws

Bit Key:
Bit key set includes two bit key (BK) escutcheon plates and is intended for use on interior bit key mortise locks, like our Signature Series 31C.

Passage set includes two knob only/blank (KN) escutcheon plates and is intended for use as a passage set on non-privacy doors, or as a dummy when used with a dummy mounting plate. We recommend our 32I latch for passage function.

Privacy set includes one bit key (BK) escutcheon plate and one thumb turn (KT) plate and is intended for use on interior privacy mortise locks, like our Signature Series 31D. The BK plate is intended for emergency egress while maintaining a traditional look.

Sold as Set
Item Number: 905Y

Our best selling, wrought brass, square bevel interior knob and escutcheon set is now available as a solid, forged brass set!

Our premium grade, classic, early 20th Century rectangular “Square Bevel” knob and escutcheon set with solid, forged brass construction. The set is similar to ones found on many 1900-1940 homes. Regularly featured in films and television shows wanting a traditional look, and a staple even in animated productions, the set is an American icon. We're proud to offer one of the finest versions on the market at a remarkable price.

The escutcheon is heavy gauge, forged from solid brass. It's a high quality escutcheon that will last generations on your home. Simple and unadorned, with iconic square beveled edges, the 3J escutcheon used in this set is one of the finest traditional escutcheon plate available anywhere!

A prefect compliment to the forged brass plate is the solid, not hollow, plain round door knob, our 13M. It's a heavy, solid knob that weighs nearly 2 ½ pounds per pair. It's a beautiful knob that really has to be held in your hand to be fully appreciated. Together with the forged escutcheon plates, they make a very handsome set and one of the best values in our store.

If you’re looking to complete the look throughout your home, we offer an entry version of this set, item 17D. When combined with one of our entry grade mortise locks, it offers modern security combined with gorgeous, traditional design.
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