Oval Victorian Escutcheon Set with Keyhole, 5 Finishes


Door Knob (Oval):
Height: 2 ¾"
Width: 1 ¾"

Height: 8 ¼"
Width: 2 ¾"

Passage (Active Latch with no Locking Mechanism)
Privacy (Active Latch with Locking Mechanism - Privacy Pin)
Double Dummy (Two non-functioning Door Sets)
Single Dummy (Single non-functioning Door Set)
Mortise (Value Grade Active Latch with Skeleton Key Locking Mechanism)

2 each: Door Knobs
2 each: Bit Key Escutcheons
1 each: Latching Mechanism (varies by function, not included in dummy sets)
1 set: Mounting Screws

*Please Note: Single Dummy set only includes 1 door knob and 1 escutcheon.

Sold as Complete Set with Latching Mechanism
Item Number: 901F-KEY

Sets are shown as “out of stock” as they are assembled to order. The sets are typically built and shipped within 5-10 days. We will notify you if there is a delay.

Value line Oval Victorian knob and escutcheon set featuring a popular Yale & Town design from the early 20th century. A fantastic value, this beautiful set features forged brass escutcheons and knobs. You would normally pay a premium price for forged brass hardware, but we’re able to offer this set at a tremendous price!

Please note: The non-mortise versions of this set are fully compatible with modern 2 ⅛" pre-bored doors.
$71.99 to $172.99
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