Mineral Knob & Small Escutcheon Set, 4 Colors


Extra Small Escutcheon:
Length: 4"
Width: 1 ½"

Diameter: 2 ¼"
Projection: 2"

*Please note: Dimensions are estimates as antique knobs vary slightly in size.

2 each: Antique Mineral Knobs
2 each: x Cast Iron "Windsor" Pattern Escutcheon
1 each: Steel Spindle
1 set: Mounting Screws

Please note: the latch mechanism is sold separately. We recommend our 32I heavy duty tubular latch.

Sold as Set

Please Note: As the included Mineral Knobs are actual antiques, often more than 100 years old, they are likely to show signs of age and wear. We do our best to restore the knobs to their original condition, but they will not be perfect. That said they are immensely more attractive and rich in character than the modern reproductions of these knobs. We test the knobs before they ship to ensure they function properly and have no functional damage. As they are antiques, our normal 30 day return policy does not apply. They must be returned within 1 week.
Item Number: 901D

CCH exclusive, reproduction, natural iron "extra small" escutcheon/rose with original antique mineral knob set. With its uncommonly small size, the escutcheon is actually more like a rosette with a unique rectangular shape, and can be used where you’d normally use a knob and rose set. The escutcheons are reproductions from antique originals and are cast in natural iron.

These are not reproductions! Our original Antique Mineral Knobs have been completely restored by our in-house experts. Paint and years of dust and dirt have been carefully stripped away without damaging the original finish. We’ve restored the original iron bases, tapped the screw holes, and fit refurbished spindles. As these are antiques, over 100 years old, there are some things to note:

  • Due to their age, they are likely to show signs of wear. We do our best to restore the knobs to their original condition, but they will not be perfect. You are likely to notice surface imperfections, chips, and small scratches.
  • As they are restored from antique salvage, and not produced in new batches, the knobs will not all match. This is the charm of antique originals, and it’s exactly this type of character antique shoppers seek. However, expect there to be variations in shape, size, and color. If you want your knobs to be identical, antique originals are not for you!
  • They are not warrantied. We ensure they are functional when we restore them, but it’s possible they have issues not readily visible. If the knobs crack or loosen from their bases in a few weeks, we won't replace them free of charge. Please understand you’re assuming a risk purchasing antiques.
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