Concentric Circle Knob & Clipped Corner Escutcheon Set


Door Knob:
Diameter: 2 ¼"
Projection: 2 ⅜"

Escutcheon Height: 7 ½"
Escutcheon Width: 2 ⅝"

2 each: 241F Concentric Circle Door Knobs
2 each: 234B Clipped Corner Escutcheons
1 each: Steel Spindle
1 set: Solid Brass Mounting Screws

Bit Key:
Bit key set includes two bit key (BK) escutcheon plates and is intended for use on interior bit key mortise locks, like our Signature Series 31C.

Passage set includes two knob only/blank (KN) escutcheon plates and is intended for use as a passage set on non-privacy doors, or as a dummy when used with a dummy mounting plate. We recommend our 32I latch for passage function.

Privacy set includes one bit key (BK) escutcheon plate and one thumb turn (KT) plate and is intended for use on interior privacy mortise locks, like our Signature Series 31D. The BK plate is intended for emergency egress while maintaining a traditional look.Sold as Set

*CNC'd and milled parts are milled on a computer controlled lathe from solid brass bar stock. The pieces have literally been sculpted from solid metal, meaning there is no chance for pits or other defects often found in cast or poured products. They are the highest quality solid brass products you can buy, with impeccable detail and superior finish.

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware in the USA.
Item Number: 906B

Premium grade, CCH Exclusive, Concentric Circle knob and "Clipped Corner" escutcheon set. The knob and escutcheon are well paired, with fine traditional details.

The knob and escutcheon are solid brass, and are both machined and hand finished in the United States. The knob is CNC'd* solid brass while the escutcheon has been milled from solid bar stock lending this set a premium grade quality rating.

If you’re looking to complete the look throughout your home, we also offer an entry version of this set, item 916B. When combined with an entry grade mortise lock, it offers modern security with traditional design.
$169.99 to $236.99
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