Early 20th Century Round Jadite Knob with Nickel base


Diameter: 1 ¼"
Projection: 1 ¼"
Base Diameter: ⅞"

Sold Each

Polished Nickel Base

If a glass knob or pull has become chipped, or is showing any signs of damage or cracking, do not continue to use the knob or pull. Glass knobs or pulls that show damage may break completely when pulled and could cause injury.

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware.
Item Number: 283P

Crown City Hardware exclusive reproduction round "Jadite" knob with solid brass, nickel plated base. A very unique glass knob featuring the popular green Jadite color. We reproduced it at the request of a customer from antique originals, and were so happy with the results we decide to offer it on our web store.
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