Forged, Victorian Pattern Escutcheon Plate


Height: 8 ¼"
Width: 2 ¾”
Hub: ⅝" Diameter (Type-A)
KN: Knob Only/Blank. Typically used for passage or dummy doors.
BK: Bit Key. Used with bit key mortise locks, like our 31C, or as emergency egress plates on privacy doors opposite a thumb turn.
KT: Thumb Turn. Typically used on privacy doors to operate a privacy lock like our 31D. We recommend using them in conjunction with a BK escutcheon on the opposite side for emergency egress.

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Hand finished by Crown City Hardware in the USA.
Item Number: 9C-F

Premium Grade, forged brass, Victorian style escutcheon plate. We start with good quality forgings, and then completely strip, machine, and refinish the escutcheon to our exclusive Highlight Brass finish which makes the Victorian details really pop.

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