Premium Grade, Forged Brass Double Rim Door Knob Set


Diameter: 2 ¼”
Shank: ⅝" Diameter (Type-A)

2 each: Forged Brass Double Rim Door Knobs
2 each: Slotted Brass Set Screws
1 each: ⅜-20 Thread x 7 mm Diameter Spindle

Sold as Pair
Item Number: 13K

A premium grade, reproduction, "Double Rim" decorative door knob set. This high quality knob isn’t hollow, featuring solid, forged brass construction. Each pair of door knobs weigh almost 2 ½ pounds! The detail and finish quality are impeccable.

The knob face features a simple, elegant, double line circular pattern that pairs well with a number of our escutcheons including our 233C and 3G. We also offer them as a very handsome set with the 3G escutcheon, item 910D.
$82.99 to $89.99
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