Solid Brass Traditional "Shapes" Escutcheon


Length: 5 ⅛"
Width: 1 ½"
Hub: ⅝" Diameter (Type-A)

Bit Key (BK)
Used with bit key mortise locks, like our 31C, or as emergency egress plates on privacy doors opposite a thumb turn.

Knob Only/Blank (KN)
Typically used for passage or dummy doors.

Thumb Turn (KT)
Typically used on privacy doors to operate a privacy lock like our 31D. We recommend using them in conjunction with a BK escutcheon on the opposite side for emergency egress.

Sold Each

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware in the USA.
Item Number: 229D

While supplies last, we're offering the thumb turn and bit key versions of this plate in Oil-Rubbed Bronze at a clearance price of $9.99 each. We're clearing our our old castings, as we've improved the product through new manufacturing. It's a great opportunity for you to get the original, solid, cast brass version at an incredible price.

Crown City Hardware exclusive, small, traditional escutcheon from our "Shapes" collection of escutcheons. The "Shapes" escutcheons were smaller in size and vaguely reflected the popular styles of the period like Art Deco, Nouveau, and Spanish Colonial without being any one style specifically. The were most commonly used on Bungalows in the 1920's-1940's.

Originally they were a modest hardware item stamped from thin sheet metal, but we've greatly improved upon them in our reproductions by casting them from solid brass. They pair very well with our smaller diameter door knobs, especially 241B and 241i.
$9.99 to $36.99
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