Classic, Wrought Brass, Square Bevel Escutcheon


Length: 7"
Width: 2 ¼"
Hub: ⅝” Diameter (Type-A)

Bit Key (BK)
Used with bit key mortise locks, like our 31C, or as emergency egress plates on privacy doors opposite a thumb turn.

Knob Only/Blank (KN)
Typically used for passage or dummy doors.

Thumb Turn (KT)
Typically used on privacy doors to operate a privacy lock like our 31D. We recommend using them in conjunction with a BK escutcheon on the opposite side for emergency egress.

Key Cylinder (KC)
Used on the exterior of entry doors, paired with a KT on the interior, in conjunction with an entry grade mortise lock like our 901M which uses a mortise cylinder.

Sold as Each
Item Number: 3A

Our best selling door escutcheon!

Classic, premium grade, square bevel escutcheon plate. One of our most popular, and most versatile, escutcheons. It has been in regular use for over 100 years, and remains as popular today as it was in the early 20th Century.

At home on everything from quaint Bungalows to large Craftsman masterpieces, this escutcheon plate defines traditional appeal. Better still, it looks and functions wonderfully with a wide variety of door knobs, allowing you to add a distinctive look to your home.

Adding a traditional touch to just about any movie set, this plate is probably one of the most asked for escutcheons in the film industry, and is even found in most animated classics.

The escutcheon pairs beautifully with our 13A wrought brass door knob, and they’re offered together as a complete set, item 905X.
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