CCH Exclusive "Diamond Stepped" Deco Escutcheon


Length: 6 ¾"
Width: 1 ⅞"
Hub: ⅝" Diameter (Type-A)

Bit Key (BK)
Used with bit key mortise locks, like our 31C, or as emergency egress plates on privacy doors opposite a thumb turn.

Knob Only/Blank (KN)
Typically used for passage or dummy doors.

Thumb Turn (KT)
Typically used on privacy doors to operate a privacy lock like our 31D. We recommend using them in conjunction with a BK escutcheon on the opposite side for emergency egress.

Sold Each

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware in the USA.
Item Number: 233B

Crown City Hardware exclusive, solid brass, “Diamond Stepped” deco escutcheon. A beautiful reproduction from the 1920-1930’s. It's an excellent representation of the Art Deco period featuring strong, angular lines. The escutcheon is solid, cast brass which is then machined and hand finished by a U.S. based brass foundry.

If you're looking for a door knob as well, the escutcheon companions brilliantly with our line of Deco door knobs, especially our 241J "Rimmed Edge" door knob.
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