Traditonal Wall Mounted Mechanical Butler's Bell


Backplate: 2 7/16” diameter
Coil Spring: 6 ⅝” diameter
Overall Projection: 3 ¾”

1 each - Mechanical Bell
1 each - Brass Pulley Plate for use inside the house. Pulley guides the cord through the hole in the wall and along.
2 each - Wall Mounted Brass Pulleys to allow the door bell to be mounted a maximum of 30 feet from the pull.
1 each - Angle Bracket
30 Feet (9 Meters) - Brass Effect Nylon Cord
Complete Set of Screws, Anchors, and Instructions

Pull not included. Please select a companion pull from related items selection below.

Sold as Set

Imported from England exclusively by Crown City Hardware.
Item Number: 281B-PB

How cool is this? A classic mechanical butler’s bell with solid brass bell. Often used in old English manors so the household could ring the staff, they are now a great way to add tradition and class to your entry. If you’ve seen a certain very popular British show on PBS lately, you’ve seen them in action. Why use an electric bell that simply goes “ding dong” when you can have something as beautiful as this?

This is designed to be used with one of several companion pulls we offer as well, including a jaw dropping Iron pull handle, our 281D.
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