Depression Era, Hexagonal Glass Cabinet Knobs


Diameter: 1"
Projection: 1"

Diameter: 1 ¼"
Projection: 1 ¼"

Diameter: 1 ½"
Projection: 1 ½"

1 each: Hand Cut Lead Crystal Cabinet Knob
1 each: Reproduction Plain Head Screw (Brass or Nickel Plate)*

Sold Each

*The knob ships with a 2 ½" screw, which fits most standard thickness cabinets and drawers. The screws can be cut shorter with a hacksaw, but be sure to thread the nut on first, so when you unthread it after cutting the screw, it will restore the threads on the end of the screw. We sell the screws separately as replacements, and also offer a longer 3" screw, and shorter 1 ½" screw, for thicker or thinner doors/drawers which we sell on our web store as item 227M.

Please Note: glass knobs are, by their nature, fragile. They can break if they are mishandled. It is very important that you do not over tighten the screw. We strongly recommend that you do not use tools like a wrench to tighten the screw and bolt. Only tighten the glass knobs by hand. We will not replace glass knobs that have broken due to mishandling or over tightening.

If a glass knob has become chipped, or is showing any signs of damage or cracking, do not continue to use the knob. Damaged knobs may break completely when pulled and could cause injury.

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware.
Item Number: 1D

It is disheartening, but due the the huge influx of cheap, pressed glass knockoffs flooding the market the last few years, demand for our high quality, lead crystal originals has dropped tremendously. Once our best seller, they are now limited to stock on hand, and we are beginning to run out of some colors and sizes. Please take a look at our value grade 1G glass knob for a color or size we don’t have in our 1D crystal knob.

Crown City Hardware exclusive, depression era, glass hexagonal knobs, made from actual hand-cut lead crystal. The lead crystal gives our knobs a vastly superior vibrance and clarity to similar plain glass versions. Available in three sizes and a large variety of traditional colors including Fiesta Ware depression era colors. Includes a custom reproduction, plain head screw with original square nut in brass or nickel plate finish.

Note, these lead crystal reproductions are made exclusively for Crown City Hardware. We hand selected colors from depression era glass and painstakingly matched them to originals. There are no other glass knobs on the market like these, guaranteed!
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