Decorative Rim Wrought Brass Escutcheon Plate


Length: 6 ⅞"
Width: 2 ½"
Hub to Keyhole/Turn Spacing: 2 ¼"
Hub: ⅝” Diameter (Type-A)

KN: Knob Only/Blank. Typically used for passage or dummy doors.
BK: Bit Key. Used with bit key mortise locks, like our 31C, or as emergency egress plates on privacy doors opposite a thumb turn.
KT: Thumb Turn. Typically used on privacy doors to operate a privacy lock like our 31D. We recommend using them in conjunction with a BK escutcheon on the opposite side for emergency egress.
KC: Key Cylinder. Used on the exterior of entry doors, paired with a KT on the interior, in conjunction with an entry grade mortise lock like our 901M which uses a mortise cylinder.

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Item Number: 3G

Our latest reproduction, this gorgeous escutcheon features a decorative rim around a wrought brass plate. The wrought brass construction makes for a good quality, yet affordable, escutcheon plate that’s within the range of almost any budget.

The escutcheon pairs beautifully with our 13K forged brass "Double Rim" door knob, and they’re offered together as a complete set, item 910D.

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