Concentric Circle Knob & Double-Rimmed Escutcheon Set


Door Knob:
Diameter: 2 ¼”
Knob Projection: 2 ⅛”

Escutcheon Height: 7 ½”
Escutcheon Width: 2 ⅜”

2 each: 13C Concentric Circle Door Knobs
1 each: 236A Key Cylinder (KC) Escutcheon
1 each: 236A Thumb Turn (KT) Escutcheon
1 each: Steel Swivel Spindle
1 set: Solid Brass Mounting Screws

Please note: required mortise lock not included. To complete your entry, we highly recommend pairing this set with our premium grade 901M entry grade mortise lock.

Sold as Set

*CNC'd or milled parts are milled on a computer controlled lathe from solid brass bar stock. The pieces have literally been sculpted from solid metal, meaning there is no chance for pits or other defects often found in cast or poured products. They are the highest quality solid brass products you can buy, with impeccable detail and superior finish.

Made exclusively for Crown City Hardware in the USA.
Item Number: 916C

Crown City Hardware exclusive, Concentric Circle knob and “Double Rim” escutcheon entry set. The knob and escutcheon are an ideal match, with the rimmed edges of the escutcheon a perfect compliment to the circles on the knob face.

The knob and escutcheon are solid brass, and are both hand finished in the United States. The escutcheon has been milled* from solid brass bar stock, lending this set a premium grade quality rating. To complete your entry, we recommend pairing this set with our premium grade 901M entry mortise lock which will give you a secure, high quality set that will last for generations on your home.
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