Classic, Solid Brass Casement Adjuster


Rod Length: 10" or 12"
Rod Diameter: ⅜"
Base Plates: 2 ⅜" x 1"
Height (Base to Knob): 2"

Sold Each
Item Number: 84J

This classic, solid brass casement window adjuster has been redesigned with greater emphasis on period authenticity. It's now a fully authentic replica of old style window adjusters, with a knurled adjustment knob and beveled base plates. The shape on parts of the adjuster have been carefully matched to the old style casement adjusters of the early 20th Century. In particular, note the "bottle-shape" of the casing and the beveling on the base plates.

It's a reproduction, but we have made one modern enhancement. There is now a short plastic sleeve encased in the assembly which prevents the scuff marks and scratches on the brass rod which are commonly seen on originals.

Reversible for right or left hand windows opening out.
$36.99 to $49.99
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