Standard Grade, Solid Brass Casement Fastener


Base Plate: 1 ½” x ⅞”
Projection: 1 ¼"

Base Plate: 2” x 1 ⅛"
Projection: 1 11/16”

1 each: Solid Brass Casement Fastener
1 each: Surface Strike
1 each: Rim Strike
1 each: Mortise Strike
1 set: Solid Brass Screws

Sold Each
Item Number: 81F

Standard grade, solid brass casement fastener. A lower quality, more economical version of our premium grade, best selling 81B fastener. While a good piece, it lacks the finer finer finish and design details of our 81B.

Available in two sizes, and a wide range of finishes. Supplied with three strikes to accommodate all of the varying types of window conditions.

The casement fastener is reversible, working left or right hand. The fastener also includes all 3 strikes (rim, surface, and mortise) allowing it to work in virtually all window installations.
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