Bungalow Style Half Surface Hinge, 3 1/2"


Open Width: 4 ⅜"
Leaf Height: 3 ½"

Sold Each
Item Number: 38C

Premium grade, heavy duty, half-surface door hinges. Extruded from solid brass, with thread-in Ball Tips, these hinges are machined to tight tolerances, with superb fit and finish. The hinges include an architectural grade stainless steel removable pin.

Also known as half-mortise hinges, these hinges mount so that ½ of the hinge is mortised in your door jamb, like a traditional butt hinge, while the other half is mounted on the surface, or face, of your door providing both functionality and decoration.

These exquisite reproductions feature a popular Craftsman style face plate, which was commonly found in early 20th Century bungalows and traditional homes. It's a timeless design which lends a classic touch to your doors.

By the way, if you love the look of the half-surface hinge and want to add the Craftsman styling to your door without the need to replace your hinge and/or door, we offer our 347B hinge plate. Paired with a hinge like our 37U, you have the look of a half-surface hinge with standard installation that will very likely work on your existing door.
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