Classic, Loose Pin Ball Tip Hinge 3.5"


Overall Width: 3 ½”
Leaf Height: 3 ½”
Thickness (Gauge): ⅛” (3mm)

Sold Each

3 ½" x 3 ½" hinges are typically used on interior, 1 ⅜" thick doors up to 36" in width. Doors up to 60" tall should use 2 hinges. Doors over 60", but not over 90", should use 3 hinges. For doors 1 ¾" thick, we recommend using our 37V.
Item Number: 37U

Our most popular hinge! Web customers now enjoy a new everyday low price for the finest quality, loose pin ball tip hinge on the market!

A premium grade, solid brass reproduction of traditional loose pin ball tip hinges. Superb quality with attention to every historic detail, including slotted head wood screws. The ball tip is affixed to a loose, stainless steel pin, just as it was on late 19th and early 20th Century hinges.

Accurate to every original detail, each leaf is heavy gauge solid brass, designed for years of uninterrupted use on your doors. This is a remarkable reproduction and an outstanding value.
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