Arts & Crafts Pacific Windows Style Switch Plate Cover


Single Gang:
Height: 6 ¾"
Width: 2 ⅞"

Double Gang:
Height: 6 ¾"
Width: 4 ½"

Triple Gang:
Height: 6 ¾"
Width: 6 ⅜"

Four Gang:
Height: 6 ¾"
Width: 8 ¼"

Sold Each
Item Number: 346T

Arts and Crafts style "Pacific Windows" solid, forged brass hammered switch plates. These are not the thin, stamped brass switch plates you commonly find at your local home improvement center. These are heavy, forged brass plates with a gorgeous hammered detail that will last for generations on your home without denting or bending.

They're beautifully finished and available in over 30 configurations. Best of all, unlike some similar Craftsman plates which run start in the $70 range, these gorgeous plates begin at only $14.99! You can finally afford the look you've always wanted without sacrificing quality.
$17.99 to $48.99 $14.99 to $45.99
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