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An old, paint covered mortise lock
is restored to its former beauty,
revealing a beautiful bronze face.

Hardware Services

In addition to the products we sell, we offer a full range of services aimed at helping you build, restore, or simply remodel your home. Have locks without keys? We can key them. Lost some of the unique and historic escutcheon plates from your doors? We can replace them. Have a large project that is overwhelming you? Our Custom Architectural Services may be just what you need. We're here to help you in anyway we can with your hardware needs. Here are some of the services we offer.


When restoring your home, you may find the original hardware in pretty bad shape, covered in layer after layer of paint, with years of tarnish and wear. Your first instinct may be to toss it and buy new, but that may not be necessary. Instead of replacing the originals, Crown City Hardware can completely restore your home's hardware back to its original beauty with full functionality. We recommend this approach in cases where the original hardware is especially unique and of high quality. Restoration work is particularly effective in cases where the original pieces are solid brass or bronze, as they can often be restored to nearly new condition. Think you may have a candidate for restoration? Contact our service department to discuss restoring your original hardware. They'll request photos and samples, and will then provide a quote for both cost and time. We have a love of old hardware, and are committed to seeing fine examples of design and craftsmanship brought back to service and appreciated for years to come. The two examples below show the results of painstaking restoration work.


A Victorian era Bronze knob is carefully polished to preserve the fine details while removing decades of tarnish and age to reveal the original beauty The original escutcheon plate was so covered in paint that the gorgeous, intricate pattern detail was all but invisible. It's amazing to see what we uncovered.

Unfortunately, not all original hardware can be restored or even replaced with new counterparts. There were thousands upon thousands of unique hardware designs manufactured over the years, making the task of finding matching hardware a near impossibility for the less popular designs. When pieces have been lost or broken beyond repair, and maintaining the original period detail is critical, we can reproduce the originals. We've done this on many projects, including several notable historic buildings. Contact our service department to begin the process. We'll usually need an actual original to provide a quote, but it may be possible to work from detailed drawings if no originals remain. We are committed to preserving the hardware's original craftsmanship, detail, and beauty as the photos below show.

Door Knob and Escutcheon plate set. The reproduction matches the original exactly, but has been finished in a dark bronze at the owner’s request. Classic, bead pattern oval push plate recreated from antique originals. Now available on our web store. Half surface hinge plate reproduced using original half surface hinges. Provides the classic look of a half surface hinge without the need to replace your existing hinges.

Our finest quality reproduction casting is shown on the right, featuring a level of detail unseen in even the best quality stock offerings.

Lock Service
Many older homes are full of mortise locks that don't work properly and/or are missing keys. We offer some fantastic replacement locks, but can also restore your originals. Our lock department has years of experience and specializes in older mortise locks. They hand cut skeleton keys, craft replacement springs and parts, and clean and polish the face plates revealing the original beauty and detail.

In addition to restoration work on original locks, we offer a full suite of key work on new locks. We will key-alike locks at your requests at no additional charge so they will operate with one key. If you need more complicated key work, we can provide that as well, for a small service fee depending on the size of the job. We can master key your order in just about any configuration, or even key our locks to match your existing key.

For quotes on restoring your original locks or master keywork, please contact our service department.



In addition to restoring original hardware, we also provide custom finishing. We can turn Polished Brass into Polished Nickel, Antique Brass into Oil-Rubbed Bronze, and even custom match unique, older finishes. We can also custom finish hardware sold on our web store to finishes not available for the product. Contact our service department for a quote on custom finishing your hardware or hardware we sell.

The original polished
brass escutcheon was
custom finished in
Antique Silver.

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