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Reproduction Craftsman style
escutcheon plate shown next to
the original. Now available as
Item 235A.

Hardware Questions
With the many questions we have received over the years, here are some of the top picks. Dont hesitate to send us your questions at: questions@restoration.com.
Does this website show everything you offer?
No, not even close. With access to hundreds of suppliers worldwide, and relationships with dozens of foundries producing our custom reproductions, there is almost no limit to our hardware selection. At launch, the new web store offers only a limited selection of the 100,000 plus items in our store, but the selection is growing daily as we regularly add products. If you’re looking for something you’ve found in one of our catalogs, but don’t yet see on our web store, let us know and we’ll make it a priority to add those items to the web store.
Im looking for a product not found on your web store?
If you don’t see it on the web store, don’t give up. It may simply not have been posted to the web store yet, it may be available through one of our many suppliers, or we may already be working to reproduce it as you read this. In addition to our regular stock, we have thousands of original antique items. So even if you don’t find what you need on our new web store, there’s a very good chance we can assist you. Send us an email to questions@restoration.com and we’ll do our best to get you sorted out with whatever you need.
Is it better to replace or restore my existing hardware?
Unfortunately, there is no definite answer to this question. It depends greatly on what is currently installed in your home, what condition it is in, and what replacements are readily available. It doesn’t make sense to spend $10 per piece stripping and polishing your cabinet knobs when new, identical replacements are available for less. On the other hand, there are cases where we would indeed recommend restoring your existing hardware. In cases where the original hardware is in exceptionally poor condition or wasn’t of good quality to begin with, a reproduction generally makes more sense. Often, a combination of the two alternatives works best. Our representatives will discuss all your options with you and recommend an appropriate course based on your needs and budget.
Do you do custom work? Can you reproduce my missing hardware?
Without seeing the pieces we can’t say for certain, but the answer is usually yes. We have strong relationships with many craftspeople and foundries both inside and outside of the United States, and thus have the ability to reproduce a wide range of products. The time it takes and the price will vary considerably depending on the piece and the complexity of the reproduction. Your best bet is to start the process by emailing a photo and/or detailed drawing of the item to us at questions@restoration.com. We’ll let you know if it’s something we can reproduce for you and how much we estimate it will cost.
How much do custom reproductions cost?
As mentioned in the preceding question, costs can vary wildly when it comes to reproductions and there are simply too many factors to say with any certainty what it would cost without getting a proper quote. We can tell you that the more pieces you require, the less each piece will cost, as there is typically a set up fee. There is also a huge range in quality when it comes to reproduction work based on things like the type of casting employed and the amount of finishing detail required, and as such we can usually scale the quality of the reproduction to meet the needs of almost any project and budget.
Will a reproduction look as good as an original?
Usually yes, and we pride ourselves on this fact. We’ve done reproduction work on some of the nation’s most important architectural treasures, and the reproductions are rarely visible as such, even when installed next to their original counterparts. If money isn’t a concern, and absolute authenticity and accurate detail is of upmost importance, we’re capable of reproduction work like the piece showcased in the photo next to our stock, Signature grade, 4C escutcheon plate. We had that piece reproduced for a customer who demanded the finest possible detail. The work is truly exceptional, with strict care and attention paid to the smallest details, making our Signature 4C plate look plain and crude by comparison, lacking the finer details like the spider webbing on the corners, and the intricate step work within the swirl pattern. This level of reproduction work is usually out of the range of most budgets, but it’s an example of what we’re capable of providing when the need arises.
How do I tell if my piece is solid brass or bronze, or is simply a plated finish over another metal?
If your original hardware is solid brass or bronze, it’s usually worth saving and refinishing. The question then, is how do you tell? Most old hardware is so covered in layers of paint or plated over with finishes like nickel or even brass, that it’s a lot of work to clean and strip just to find out it’s not worth saving. The good news is brass and bronze are examples of non-ferrous metals, meaning they don’t contain iron. This means they’re not magnetic which allows you to use a simple refrigerator magnet to test if they’re really brass underneath all the camouflage. Keep in mind some other common hardware materials, like aluminum, are also non ferrous, but if the piece has significant weight to it, and it’s non magnetic, it’s usually brass or bronze, as those materials were most commonly used in older hardware. A decent magnet is one of our favorite tools when digging through piles of antique hardware.
Where can I see your products in person?
We understand that itʼs hard to truly gauge the quality and craftsmanship of hardware without holding it in your hands. As such, people often ask where they can see it in person. Your best bet is to visit our showroom in Pasadena. It's worth a visit, as it's truly a classic hardware store, filled with aisle after aisle of hardware treasures. Other than at our showroom in Pasadena, your best bet is to look for us at one of the trade and home shows we attend. We occasionally attend shows in cities like Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago, and San Francisco. If we're going to be in your area, we'd love to see you. Check our website for announcements related to upcoming shows.
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